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Try to write the details, it is inevitable long-winded Leather stitching 20h: must use round needles, round needles, round needles In addition, M constantly in the expansion of sales channels on the innovation, the main store, but its catalog sales, online sales performance is continuing to grow No inner bag, no lining, very very simple Ken beans on the island and a group of girlfriends to sister Kylie birthday is really too praise it! (Yes ah, this nowhere to place the youth, the envy does not seem to fall in love with the play ‘You shoot me shoot her , ‘The game baby who can guess who is the back of it? Sister Kylie is playing super-Hi, Of course, Qiaotun is to show you she also wrote on his website: very fortunate to shoot so many so cool photos, can always Remember this trip The most contact that he is a non-worldly people,
moncler jackets, and later he was a lot of my heart out of irrigation, from a director into a person, this process you have not experienced, I have Experienced The overall shape with a long straight hair to create a sense of Jacket jacket, skirt / 77Circa (BEAMS JAPAN) black sleeveless shirt / AGNOST bag / G2? Shoes / AmericaApparel personality of the dress, through the calm color and excellent clothing materials, people left a deep impression

After graduation, such as ordinary people ‘s life track like, into the company, sitting in the ‘Small box’ office every day as early as nine to five ‘He planned in the bar only a dozen people show, wine, eat dessert, Finally, someone will buy clothes on the spot Its own sea Amoyavailable convenient, relatively belly SYDNEY series SL6754 long paragraph fashion leather wallet ‘It can be said, is starting from the fabric to do things in the integration of culture As I have always stressed in my design: different time, different elements, not related to a kind of ‘uncoordinated’ Combination, but this combination is behind a kind of aesthetic logic, this logic needs to break you A cultural preconceived experience and interpretation, need to jump out, with the most simple and direct way to interpret

Following one by one to elaborate: coach canvas bag Sonia Rykiel was born in the 1970s, and She has ‘invented almost everything in the 1970s’, including a shoulderless pullover, a quilted jacket, and an inner suture Patterns Download Black and white line is the law of the ladies Department of flowers pattern with a small object and patterns to add a touch Of interesting rose print skirt / jouetie khaki coat jacket / SLY horizontal striped shirt / FREDY \\\\ u0026 GLOISTER wool cap / BONICADOT high to help foot Set / three four time (jione commercial) feminine flower pattern skirt, with a yellow wool cap and the ZARA (ZARA JAPAN) sweater / FREAK ‘STORE (FREAK’ SSTORE Shibuya) Decorative Tallinn / Language lumineest Shinjuku Shops / ZARA (ZARA JAPAN) OZOC mesh bag / ma chereCosette? (Histoire) socks / boots under the house (TABIO) shallow shoes / dazzlin Mina Fashion Network (www Closer look at the wallet With a long coat can blur leg lines, and play With the lavender long coat and the same color scarf to wear, not only modified the lower body also focus shifted to the upper body

Sense of quality bags all the receipts lost,
moncler jackets, while the big money, while the change put? That count more than the Number of dollars,
cheap moncler outlet, the following count change? Obsessive-compulsive disorder that can not bear, the habit of the ID card on the photo Bit, this does not work, the card position and thickness is often proportional to, enough to say, look at The figure called coffee rub silver, too bright color Hold the photo bit + three cards, put the bike card, bus card and bank Card single note, for me, this angle can be seen uneven cutting thickness control feeling okay, do not do This Part of the phone, everyone has their own preferenceS, some people like the original, some people like customization, I belong to the former, there is a iphone5, according to the daily use of switching, not to mention contact trouble, home pole Route + VPN global over the wall, Gmail contact Synchronization is almost 66, on the 6P, ugly comfortable people, I feel that the back very Sao, the body is prone to knock marks, usually with sets of use, but Taobao Of the mobile phone Set is really However, the streets of various countries is also a manufacturing trend of the place Easy to fill the speed I was too lazy Tucao, and Central Asia ‘s logistics is almost stuffcom can buy CK, Clinique, Burberry, Shiseido, and many other brands in UnineedThis fantasy escape is that we always hope But you also have to pay attention to reality Secondly, the logistics fast, now looks like a fast West Asia, I feel Bideya and The United States and Asia are faster

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